Shelved: May 2015

{Araya Miki} Shackles Called Love [3.4]Araya Miki: Shackles Called Love [3.4] – Not as good as her usual crack, but still enjoyable.

{Koshino} Want To Be Happy [3.4]Koshino: Want To Be Happy [3.4] There’s a lack of urinating, but otherwise this feels like everything else I’ve read by her. Either Samejima-Kun And Sasahara-Kun was all that she’s worth and everything else is a failed attempt to replicate it or it’s her final form. Though I say that, I’ve only completed two of her other titles. Perhaps my disappointment post-Samejima-kun is so great, it’s coloring my perception.

{Natsume Isaku} False Memories V01 [4.0]Natsume Isaku: False Memories V01-V02 [4.3]

{Ike Reibun} Hide and Seek [3.0]Ike Reibun: Hide and Seek [3.0] – It’s a collection of oneshots that includes her werewolf story, Loup-Garou Gokou/A Werewolf Affair. It’s all sex; an exercise in how quickly can sex be introduced to the story.

{Naruto Maki} Millennium Darling 2006 [3.3]Naruto Maki: Millennium Darling 2006 [3.3] – It’s like watching the blooper reel when you haven’t seen the movie and don’t have a clue what it’s about. This started out with an idiot and ended with a lot of kids; it’s really an omake collection. And their hair… As I should have expected from DMP, there’s a seven-volume series that precedes this that was never licensed as well as yearly reprises up to 2012. Thanx ever so.

{Isaka Juugorou} Love Equation [3.5]Isaka Juugorou: Love Equation [3.5] – A collection of oneshots that were much better and cuter than I imagined they would be.

{Ishida Ikue} The Kneeling Butler [3.0]Ishida Ikue: The Kneeling Butler [3.0] – The first story ended at such a weird place and it was a convoluted premise to begin with, so that didn’t help. The second story which was related, featured a character from the first that just appeared with no intro or initial connection to the main characters. The story itself was alright–typical. This volume made me realize that I’m not that into the whole butler thing. Of course there are exceptions.

{Shimazaki Tokiya} Love Is Like A Hurricane V01 [d]Shimazaki Tokiya: Love Is Like A Hurricane V01 [d] – It started out with a guy getting molested on the train and it turned out to be someone he knew, so there was really no need for me to continue reading.

{Youya Kyo} He's Mine [2.9]Youya Kyo: He’s Mine [2.9] – It’s forgettable–even as soon as the day after reading it.

{Agawa Kouko} Facing the Incoming Wind [3.5]Agawa Kouko: Facing the Incoming Wind [3.5] – It was better than I thought and, by some miracle, DMG managed to rise to the occasion and release the sequel, Love Soul. Though, I’ll have to see if it’s available through the library. I don’t remember seeing it, but I also wasn’t looking for it or even aware of it for that matter.

{Oumi Shinano} Yakuza Café [d]Oumi Shinano: Yakuza Café [d] – Can’t say I’ve ever liked anything by her.

{Shinba Rize} JIVE [d]Shinba Rize: JIVE [d]

{Akiba Jiro} And Love [d]Akiba Jiro: And Love [d]

[Agawa Kouko} Love Soul [3.0]Agawa Kouko: Love Soul [3.0] – It was available.


Katase Waka: Link – Boku to Kimi no Aida [3.5] – Cute.

Takanaga Hinako: Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru V01-V02 [3.5] – I liked it, but it doesn’t have the same re-read value as You Will Drown in Love.

Zariya Ranmaru: Pet Keiyaku [3.5] – Though I’m not too keen on her earlier stories with the mobs and bondage, the art is outstanding. Her style has changed a bit and I can’t decide which I like more.

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