Agawa Kouko: Love Soul

[Agawa Kouko} Love Soul [3.0]It wasn’t horrible, but Makoto really got on my nerves stringing Kei along and having the nerve to say that he didn’t know what Kei wanted from him. Facing the Incoming Wind, the prequel, was full of Kei expressing himself, so I don’t get Makoto’s confusion. But I am glad that Kei did eventually put him on the spot about it. Though there were weak disagreements about who would do what, Agawa kept their roles ambiguous, but if it were up to Makoto, sex would have never entered the picture. And that’s why he annoyed me; he knew Kei wanted to be more physical in their relationship, but he never came out and said that he wasn’t cool with that. Probably because he thought Kei would find someone else to satisfy those needs, but never wanted to admit that–even to himself–so he just kept deflecting Kei’s advances. If I were Kei, I would have gotten fed up much sooner. This was released in 2004, but it felt more like a 90s BL. Agawa only had three titles release at the end of the 90s, so its weird to me that she would be so committed to that feeling as far along as seven years down the line from her first release in 1997.

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