Sagawa Miku: Kamoku na Kohi Okubyou na Kurumi V01-V02

The story picks up where it left off after Takaichi’s confession in Kizu darake no Otokotachi. Takaichi, who is reserved, patient, and thoughtful and Okuya, who is shy, nervous, and earnest, are just starting out in their relationship.

They are so early in the relationship and Okuya’s so new at the whole interacting with people thing, that even something as simple as a goodbye kiss is really awkward. But despite that, they already have something of a routine. Okuya works from home and has his days and nights flipped, so he goes to Takaichi’s café once he’s done working for some refreshments before going to bed. In return, after Takaichi closes for the day, he takes some leftovers to Okuya’s around what would be his own dinnertime, but Okuya’s breakfast, and they share a meal. That’s a pretty blatant example, but there are a number of other ways that the two complement each other. They are such a well-written pair and when they interact with each other, it’s so perfect and adorable.

They are interesting as individuals, too. Takaichi is tall. Not that other seme aren’t tall, but often the height of the seme is used as a way to make the uke seem small and delicate. The considerations made for Takaichi’s height that Sagawa presents in the story are some of the things that show that Takaichi’s height is a defining characteristic, but not one used to illustrate his dominance or masculinity. He’s just a tall guy who has tall guy issues. As for Okuya, he’s not very social and completely inexperienced, but he’s not a clueless pushover. There’s a moment where Takaichi gets very aggressive (well, relative to his personality) with Okuya because he’s jealous of how close Okuya seems to have become with his friend and rather than Okuya getting flustered or cowering, he blasts his anger back at Takaichi.

There are so many other wonderful things about Kamoku like the way Okuya tackles his own jealousy; how Takaichi doesn’t rush Okuya, but finds a balance in being patient and helping Okuya get used to intimacy; and how their relationship isn’t in a silo and is being monitored by their friends and family to varying degrees. And I just love Sagawa’s art; it’s perfectly matched to her storytelling style.

When I read volume 1, I didn’t realize it was a volume 1. I was so in love with this couple and when the story ended, I wanted more, of course, but I didn’t expect it. Then, 6 months later, I was beside myself when I encountered volume 2! And it made me fall even more in love with this sweet couple and Sagawa as well.

When I first read Kamoku na Kohi Okubyou na Kurumi, it was the second title I read by her–Tsukue no Shita no Renaijutsu was the first. Both are sweet, fun stories and these and her art are why I can’t help but gush about her, but it seems she prefers to write about the yakuza. Actually, the story of how Takaichi and Okuya met that’s included in Kizu Darake no Otokotachi, is one involving yakuza. I haven’t read it, but I believe their story is a oneshot. Even though I’ve fallen for Sagawa’s sweetness, I’d really like to read her other stories, which I think/hope are spicy tales about the criminal underworld.

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