Shelved: July 2018

Once again, the delay in posting has caused me to lose perspective. I think July was a decent month, but I don’t know for sure. There were a decent amount of 5-star titles, at least. The trouble with delaying the post is that I question my state of mind regarding a 5-star title that I can’t remember. But that’s depression for you.

So, what do I remember? I continued on with my N.R. Walker binge and tried a few new authors. That was kind of a hit or miss. Some I’ll read again and some I need time before I give them another chance.

Speaking of second chances, it might be time to give Aimee Nicole Walker and Jerry Cole another go round. There’s a book I never quite finished and wanted to review because I just can’t believe it was so bad. It’s probably been about a year since I dropped it and started writing about it. I dropped the review, too, because I couldn’t find a way to talk about it without my anger getting in the way. Rather, I’d try, but soon enough it would just turn into something that wouldn’t be helpful to anyone. I’m sure you know I have no problem reviewing terribly written books, but that review was just an ever-swelling bubble of negativity and it made me feel bad, so it’s just on hold until whenever.

Anyway, I said all that to say that I was reading some of the reviews I’ve left on GR–especially for books by authors I’ve only read one thing by and authors I didn’t outright dismiss, but put on the back burner–and I realized how much I miss writing them. I don’t have it in me to maintain any kind of steady output where reviews are concerned, but I hope I can gain enough focus to write at least one that’s reminiscent of the way I used to, before they were mostly gripe fests. Now that I think about it, maybe the content that I’m currently indulging in is just not inspiring me anymore. I’ll have to think on that. In the mean time, here’s the list:

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