Hashiba Rin: Come to the Infirmary

Hashiba-Rin-Come-to-the-Infirmary-d-689x1024I thought about dropping this, but I just ended up skipping the first two or three stories and reading the last three. Of the three, the best story was actually the one lone shoujo that was slipped in. It was about a girl who gets called “ugly” seemingly out of nowhere and is having a slight crisis over it and then on top that she finds out that her friends have been using her. This girl was sweet and friendly and then when she overhears her “friends” talking about her while she’s in the bathroom stall, rather than hold her breath until they leave, she busts out of there and makes herself known. There are some other things that happen in the story–including the genesis of the whole “ugly” thing–that were good and totally made up for the rest of the volume. This is a perfect example of why stories have filler highs and lows, because if everything went the way you hoped and sidestepped the cliches, the story would only be a handful of pages long.

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