Ishida Ikue: All the Time

{Ishida Ikue} All the Time [3.5]This was fairly enjoyable even though it was a bit dated. Sentiments about being the “woman” and “we’re doing it–I won’t let you get away this time” aside, I liked how they progressed through their relationship from hometown boys to colleagues to friends to likers to lovers. The transitions between events were kind of abrupt and more like jumps. Though that type of advancement can work, it didn’t play out well for this. The sequel, Horizon Line was released by ComicsOne and already out of print by the time DMG released this, but it’s now available digitally via Kobo, and ARE. It’s only $2.95, but I don’t want to buy it. Perhaps if this goes on sale for the same price, I’ll get both, but I can’t have one without the other and this doesn’t have a high reread value, so I’m not itching to add it to my collection.

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