{Mike Neumann & Len Peralta} Exterminite #1

First Impressions: Mike Neumann & Len Peralta’s Exterminite #1

{Mike Neumann & Len Peralta} Exterminite #1

It was a very tidy story and it was to such a point that even though the ending left the door wide open for a second issue, it felt complete. It was as if it was supposed to end at one issue, but the writer had vague hopes for a continuation. And because it was so tidy, a number of moments felt forced. I like the premise of a guy who goes inside your mare space to help you vanquish your nightmares. The story also casually contains elements of real life that are usually portrayed as some easy breezy thing or focused on to the point that it becomes a caricature, but they aren’t here. So that was nice.

Kylie can’t sleep for all the noise in her head. So her friend/co-worker, Manda, recommends the services of a 52 cards short of a deck-looking guy named Nat. After they feel each other out and Kylie questions his business sense, Kylie agrees to let him help her. Once he’s in her head, he begins coaching her on how to control things and works on gaining more of her trust which in turn will increase her ability to manipulate things in her mare space.

So things happen and in the end, they start a business together. Seems like a jump, but it’s actually all spelled out, which is why I believe it’s too tidy. This came out in October 2014 and remains the only issue released. I’m interested, but I don’t know if I’ll even be able to continue.

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