J. P. Kalonji: 365 Samurai and a Few Bowls of Rice

It was good, or maybe it just wasn’t bad. The art is really expressive and told the story well. And it would need to since it’s nearly 400 pages of a panel-per-page comic with very few words.

The story is of Ningen who was sent on his way by his Master. While he searches for the meaning of life, he happens upon a man that tells him that he will only find the answer to the question once he’s killed 365 samurai. His journey progresses through the seasons and the art pulls you along where the dialogue fails to. And when he reaches the end he does find an answer.

That sounds great, but the epiphany didn’t live up to the quest; it was rather anticlimactic. It’s the kind of story I would say to read for yourself, enjoy the art, but don’t expect too much in the end.

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