Jean-Luc Cornette & Stéphane Oiry: Through The Walls

This is a collection of stories about how the ability to phase through matter, solid or otherwise, figures into the lives of everyday folk. I’ve always been fond of telling people to use their powers to good, but I’ve never given much thought to what comes in between good and the implied evil.This was an interesting read and it made me think a lot about how people are affected the possession of a special ability, how they choose to use it, and what that says about them.

As I mentioned in the sneak peek, the book was full of characters that I disliked without hesitation or guilt, yet I enjoyed reading about them. I picked this up because the art reminded me of cartoons I saw when I was younger. They were definitely French, but I don’t remember any of them having dialogue. But the art wasn’t just nostalgic, it was nice as well.

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