Giovanni Gualdoni, Gabriele Clima, Matteo Piana, & Davide Turotti: The Ring of the Seven Worlds

I was finally able to get this in English. Had I known it would be licensed, I would have waited, but that’s fine. It’s a great story and was worth the French the first time around. I made the mistake of reading it in 2009 or 2010 before it was completed. I think the final book came out much later and during the wait, I forgot about it. I was even more excited reading it in English because I didn’t have to deconstruct and reconstruct each line as I went and this time I knew I was going to actually read the ending.

The Ring is a great story about the beginnings and endings of things. Though there are seven worlds, the story’s primary focus is on Mose, the first of the seven. It starts out with a spotlight on most of the main players and then the story begins to unfold as we learn how these people are connected. There have been wars, great wars, but Mose is supposed to be in a state of relative peace at this point. So when word of enemy forces gathering begin to spread, some people’s disbelief delays action and they suffer greatly for it. Even still, the force with which the enemy attacked, they hardly stood a chance. Add to that failed treaties, old wounds, and dirty dealings, vies for power, and sinking cities and you’ve got nothing to look forward to but complete annihilation.

Before and during the battles many governments fall, some are further corrupted, and others follow their escape plan. And out of the chaos rises unlikely alliances and unlikely heros.

The story was really interesting to follow and when crux was revealed it was almost disappointing, but then quickly not. I love when an event in a story occurs and it makes you reconsider everything that has come to pass through a new lens.

And the art was great, too!

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