Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Book Four – Balance [S4]

If someone could just show me when Korra and Asami cleared the air about Mako and how Korra betrayed her trust–the kind of trust reserved for people you don’t know well, but just have an expectation that they’ll be a decent human being–and kissed Mako when she knew that something was going on between Mako and Asami. If I could just see that; if I could just see the times when she had with Asami the kind of direct conversations she had with Mako about their relationship working and then not working, if I could just see that in regards to Korra apologizing for kissing Mako when she knew he was involved with Asami in a more than platonic way and then Asami forgiving her, then I could buy it. I would be able to buy the bond the show’s been trying to convince me of.

And don’t show me the glossed over conversation in the car where the kiss was “revealed.” Asami and Korra are both very direct people when it comes to expressing their opinions. If Korra can have a direct conversation on multiple occasions with Mako, the Great Evader, then it shouldn’t be a problem for Korra to have that kind of reconciliatory discussion to foster the establishment of an actual friendship with Asami.

The establishment of trust is the only thing I need to be somewhat as happy as the rest of the fans. It won’t make up for Korra’s lack of development, but it will be one less thing for me to hold against the show.

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