Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Book Four – Balance [S4] E03-E06


  • Ha, Korra was rebuffed with a plank of earth! Toph isn’t having any of that sentimental stuff.
  • Well, I thought Kuvira’s true colors would take a little longer to show, but here we are.
  • Bolin is letting his longstanding evny of Mako get in the way of clear rational thought. I think he feels it’s the first time he’s in a better position than Mako and is holding onto it for dear life.


  • Milo’s eyebrow game is strong.
  • Korra, impatient as ever. But I think I’m supposed to sense a difference in this aspect of her recovery, and though I do, I won’t commit to this feeling until I see some evidence that she isn’t taking it as a band-aid when she should be seeing it as the first dose of a remedy.


  • What is this? Has Korra finally seen the light? To actually acknowledge that the way she used to do things is wrong it a huge step in so many ways. Although, I think she should have told Tenzen that she was taking his kids to a possible warzone. They’re capable, but still.
  • Milo is annoying.
  • What’s Zhu Li up to?


  • Koora still has no battle strategy. She may no longer  be pure instinct and aggression, but she doesn’t know how to think in a fight.
  • Again I ask, what is Zhu Li up to? Destroying things from the inside out, I suppose.
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