{Ootsuki Miu} Stay Gold - Koi no Lesson A to Z [x]

Ootsuki Miu: Stay Gold – Koi no Lesson A to Z

{Ootsuki Miu} Stay Gold - Koi no Lesson A to Z [x]Ootsuki has always been hit or miss for me, but this one is by far the greatest miss. I think that all but one of the stories are completely gross and the one that isn’t seems rather pointless (if it hadn’t come after all of the other stories, I might have received it better).

The main story is about Ken-chan and Mizuki. Even if every other page wasn’t splattered with bodily fluids, it would still be gross because Mizuki is a gross character. From the very beginning, he did nothing but lie to, mislead, and manipulate Ken-chan. I kept reading because I was kind of expecting a twist that would explain his behavior and bring some balance to the story. Even if it was executed poorly, anything would have been better than Mizuki just being a disgustingly selfish person. But that twist never came, instead, the vulgarity just seeped through, page after page.

As for the other stories, I won’t even bother.

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