First Impressions: James Tynion IV & Michael Dialynas’ The Woods #1

Another story about kids performing amazing feats and saving the world or something like that. Or not. Even though I try to steer clear of these types of stories, I just can’t seem to. Fortunately, the ones I keep getting sucked into are pretty good or interesting, at least–The Woods included.

A high school, along with the people inside of it and on its immediate grounds, gets abducted and taken to some other planet. Everyone’s freaking out in their own way. A student named Adrian soberly goes about making plans to get to the bottom of the abduction. Meanwhile, a girl gets eaten by something that crashed through the chem lab window. I thought, “nobody’s safe… cool.”

One of the reasons I’m not too keen on the kids save the world genre is that adults are usually cast in a terrible light. They’re either dismissive, a complete wreck, or totally oblivious. Or worse, they’re no where to be found. The one adult shown in this story so far is the I’m right because I’m an adult principal. It’s such a turn off. However, I have a good feeling about this story, so I’ll try not to let him bother me too much.

I like this and though I’d rather have it in digital, comiXology doesn’t offer it as DRM-free. Issues #1-4 have been collected in volume and is available in print. I’m putting it on my list. Issue #7 was released this month and the releases seem to be monthly, so #8 should be out next month. Now, #4 was released in August and volume one print was released in September, so if this is the pattern, volume two should be out in January. I think I can live with that.

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