Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Book Four – Balance [S4] E02

How many more episodes until Korra learns? She is still exhibiting get-rich-quick behavior. She’s constantly scheming and it’s totally unbecoming of someone who was born into the avatar legacy–a legacy that she has done nothing but misunderstand and spit on since the beginning. I hope that these run-ins with people who expect sensational avatar awesomeness every time she shows up continues until she understands that it was the role she was trying to fulfill, but that that celebrity status is not what the avatar is all about. She needs to understand that daring-doer is far from being the primary role of the avatar.

How many more episodes until Korra starts trusting people? How many more episodes until she realizes that she cannot do this on her own, that she’s not supposed to do it on her own? She says that people have been saying that they can help her or offering to help all this time, but it’s never worked. That’s BS; she would not have gotten anywhere without anyone’s help–help that she’s always quick to refuse, mind you. She’s completely dismissing her time with Katara and the efforts of everyone that cares about her. Regardless of who it is, she dismisses everyone’s help from the door and seems to only accept it because, hey, why not or just to shut them up. She starts out with zero faith, makes a half-arsed effort and then says, “see? I told you it wouldn’t work.” She never stops scheming long enough to fully consider why she’s not making progress or what type of progress she should actually be striving to make.

She is her own worst enemy, so battling zombie Korra might do her some good. I don’t know where they plan to go with her meeting Toph, but considering how Toph has always been an I don’t need anyone/I’ll do it myself kind of person, I hope Toph can express to her that there’s a difference between being self-sufficient and self-assured and being stupid. I think Toph is the perfect person to illustrate the pitfalls of the I, alone attitude that they share (however differently they manifested).

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