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I want to get to know the reader in you!

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Also, anyone else who’d like to talk to me about books is more than welcome.

Take all the time you need. Thanx!

  1. Did you start learning to read in school or at home?
  2. Were you told bedtimes stories when you were younger?
  3. Do you prefer paperback or hardcover?
  4. Do you prefer borrowed, used, or brand new?
  5. List a book you’ve read more than 10 times.
  6. List a  book series you’ve read more than 3 times.
  7. List a book/series you liked the film adaptation of.
  8. List an author you’ve recently discovered.
  9. List a book/series you wish you had more people to talk about it with.
  10. List the author you’ve read the most books by. 
  11. List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and liked.
  12. List a classic book (according to your culture) that you’ve read and didn’t like or didn’t get.
  13. List a book that a lot of people seemed to like, but you didn’t.
  14. List a book that a lot of people seemed to dislike, but you did.
  15. Do you read book introductions or synopses before or after you read the story?
  16. List a book you’ve read that had one of the best surprise endings.
  17. Do you leave notes in margins or leave the book pristine?
  18. Do you prefer dogears or bookmarks?
  19. Do you remove the dust jacket when you read?
  20. Do you prefer to read in one sitting or take breaks?
  21. Do you prefer to lounge (in bed or on a sofa) or sit while reading?
  22. List a book/series that wasn’t as great the second time around.
  23. Have you ever read a book and imagined specific people (actor, friend, family member, guy at the bus stop) as some of the characters? If so, which book and which person/people?
  24. Has anything interesting ever happened to you in a bookstore or while buying a book?
  25. Do you reread to relive or to remember?
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