Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Book Three – Change [S3] E12

  • I didn’t realize Zaheer was that short or P’li was that tall.
  • Dad dude’s pretty good with water arms as well.
  • Bolin! I’m so happy for him! Not metal but lava. This is good.
  • Kuvira… Can’t be a pointless introduction. So who is she. Seems like there isn’t enough time left for her to become a significant presence. So… Book Four? Hmmm…
  • This is so intense.

Yesterday, I asked zeusaurus and refinedmonstrosity if Book Three made up for Book Two and they agreed that the finale alone is good enough to make up for it. refinedmonstrosity even came over to lean his head on my shoulder because it was so good. I really did enjoy this book, but it hasn’t quite made up for Book Two yet. Perhaps the next episode will convince me.

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