Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Book Three – Change [S3] E13 [End]

  • My heart is racing.
  • He pushed Su out of the way! Bolin is great. I’m so glad he’s awesome again.
  • Korra looks like a rabid beast.
  • I can’t explain why, but I’m glad Bolin is fighting Ghazan who seems to have something of a sense of humor.
  • Mako hasn’t bent lightning since Book One. He could give Ming-Hua more of a run for her money if he did it now. Or have they forgotten about that?
  • I was just saying that!
  • So why only Su? Lin is a metalbender… Why couldn’t she remove the poison or help to? She just stood there in awe and anticipation.
  • I just want to smash the Pres’ face in. 
  • I forgot about Jinora becoming a master until she pulled the airbenders into a circle. I’m so glad that she got her tattoos!
  • Korra…
  • So… how many Red Lotus members are out there?
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