Chloe Chan & Aliena Shoemaker: Landon’s Shadow

Landon’s Shadow is a really cute, then unsettling, then cute story about a boy with no shadow, Landon is not so much convinced to, but rather pulled along to search for his shadow by his new and soon to be revealed as awesome friend Ty.

The story almost becomes The Ty Show, but leave it to the unsettling to remind you who the story’s actually about.

I wish the story was longer. I would have liked to have read more about the other shadows and possibly have gotten to see what was in Landon’s closet. Landon takes the whole not having a shadow thing pretty well. I don’t think I’d easily resign myself to such a thing, fortunately for him, he met Ty. I think everyone needs a Ty in their life. Well, not other Tys, because then that would just be odd.

I’ve always liked Nuu’s use of color. She blends like nobody’s business and we’re treated to some of her most delicious work in Landon’s Shadow. The colors are just mouthwatering.

The book feels amazing. I asked Schumie what the cover was coated with and she believes it’s Soft Touch UV Matte Lamination. I tolder that I couldn’t stop touching it and that

I think it’s perfect for stories that don’t turn out the way you think it would. Were it a fabric, I’d say the hand lulls you into a false sense of security and whispers to you that everything’s going to be alright even as you read lines to the contrary.

I also told her that I wanted a roll of it. If you can get fruit by the foot, then I don’t see why I can’t get this by the ream or bolt.

I’d really like to urge you to rush out and get this, but they’re only selling it at cons. My apologies.

EDIT: I stand corrected; New Shoe says they will have some for sale online in the near future!

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