Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Book One – Air [S1]

Since I marathoned this, I decided to comment on it in one of my older formats: Progressive live reactions. So here are my thoughts for each episode. SPOILERS AHEAD.


  • For the moment, Korra’s alright with me.
  • Lady Katara. So sad that she had to form the words that her husband and friends are dead.
  • Speaking of dying… the Avatars in the spirit world look the age they did when they died. Why does Aang look so young? How did he die… except for Roku, how did any of them die?
  • METAL BENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Korra reminds me of Sokka.
  • Korra annoys me in that she acknowledges that the other bending styles came easy to her and with her usual brute force, but doesn’t get that she should approach the one she doesn’t get in a different manner. 
  • Be the leaf~
  • I don’t get the impetus for her finally grasping the flow of air. It just happened in that moment.


  • I liked the map.
  • So at the end of ATLA, I asked about the mixing of bending blood and my question was mostly answered with the introduction of brothers Mako (fire) and Bolin (earth).
  • Korra’s got moxie, but she’s easily provoked.and is a shoot first, ask questions later kind of girl.
  • I don’t know if it’s more pronounced in this series, but Bolin’s eyes are green (earth), Korra’s eyes are blue (water), and Mako’s eyes are amberish (fire), but I can’t pin a color for air; Tenzin’s kids have different eye colors.


  • The permanent removal of bending is pretty scary.


  • Bolin!
  • So I’ve seen some scenes from later eps and I can’t wait to see how Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Korra switch. But before that, Korra’s confession was just, wow… way to put yourself out there. I am not that brave.
  • Shady tactics, those wolves.


  • Lin and Tenzin, is that right?
  • Lin, love her aerobatics.


  • Cabbage Corp! HAHAHAHA!
  • TOPH!!!!!!! When Lin’s boot retracted so her bare foot could see! I was hoping they would use that skill when they walked into the workshop!
  • I thought Sato was too good to be true, but I didn’t expect/suspect that.


  • Farting kid, not cute.
  • The council members are a joke. Just retire already.
  • Tarrlok… bloodbending returns.


  • I love the combination of earth and metal bending.
  • Councilman Sokka!!!!!!!!!
  • What the heck is Amon? He’s very much like a bender, but not. Like he was a bender and someone took his bending away, but his body still remembers the movements. Alright, so remember when Aang was supposed to open the last chakra, but he bailed to save Katara? The issue was that if he didn’t go through the whole process in one go, he would lose the ability to enter the avatar state forever since all 7 are needed for that because that state is way more than just bending. Since Amon is using chi blockers to temporarily disable a person’s bending, I wonder if what he’s doing is permanently blocking/sealing the chakra that has dominion over someone’s bending.
  • Well alright, Mako, way to show you care for KORRA! Poor Asami.
  • Spider rat… I don’t even want to know.


  • Tenzin and Pema are really active. Four kids under the age of like 8.
  • The General has Zuko’s voice… it must be his son… errr grandson. This is strange for me because I’m not that great at recognizing voices, especially for faces I’ve never seen. This guy is too handsome. Also, his voice sounds too young for his face. I just see ponytail Zuko when I hear it.
  • And speaking of voices, JK Simmons is voicing Tenzin!


  • His name is Iroh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So that’s Amon’s story… I was close, but not.
  • I was hoping for a more definitive end for Mako and Asami’s relationship. Technically, they parted with an open invitation and the only thing they confirmed is that they care. Yeah, I get that the kiss on the cheek was more chaste than they’d been, but I wanted to hear the words. 


  • They walked right into the fence. I saw it coming.
  • I knew she would be able to airbend if he took her bending because it hadn’t been unlocked yet. Being free of certainty which had been her cornerstone–whether by practice or by gut–opened her up to an alternative outlook and she had to adapt to a different way of thing and thus relied on the only pillar of strength left–however ephemeral it seemed at the time.
  • AAAAHHHHH! Aang! My words! He just confirmed what I thought!
  • I have a feeling they’re never going to fully explain how bloodbending can be used to take someone’s bending.

refinedmonstrosity and zeusaurus have been urging me to catch up. They kept warning me that when season one was airing it was the only season that was greenlit and to forgive the transition into season two. ATLOK Book One was good mostly because is was more of the stuff I liked and I got some questions answered, however, It didn’t quite excite me as much and ATLA Book Three. It wasn’t bad and I was excited, just not as excited. I was uncharacteristically excited about ATLA, so the first season of ATLOK being a bit below that isn’t anything bad at all. Again, the comedic timing… AH! so good! I’m looking for Book Two.

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