Zankyou no Terror S01 E01-02

I was interested in this show long before I knew what it was about because Watanabe Shinichirou and Yoko Kanno were involved… how could I not? Truth is, I never actually read anywhere what the series was about. I could see destruction and kids. I’m not too fond of shows where kids save the world or perform amazing feats while adults remain on the sidelines or are ignorant about what’s going on. It’s old. I’ve gotten used to the notion that anime is often another word for “adults not included.” There are a great many series and films where adults are doing adult things and saving the world or themselves, but the majority of the anime out there–particularly among the ones geared towards adults or an older crowd–are about underage people doing amazing things. Exceptions noted, but all in all, since I rarely squee where kids are concerned, the premise has just about run its course for me. As such, I was not in a rush to check it out.

That said, ZnT is not about kids saving the world, well, not yet anyway. And while they are doing amazing things, I’m not sure you can call them kids in the usual sense. I’ve only gotten this far and I’m intrigued. I like puzzles, so the whole Sphinx thing really got me. Nine is my kind of character… I’m sure he’s going to have a breakdown of some sort. Although he’s got that sweet, childlike face, Twelve is anything but. And I thought this before he really started talking. There was just this look of complete abandon in his eyes, but not the reckless kind. It’s the kind that makes you shudder. Then there’s Lisa… wow… her mother… it just hurts. And that she’s also dealing with bullying at school. I wouldn’t say Nine and Twelve will save her from her life, but I’m glad to see someone like her put in a position where she HAS to make decisions and can no longer be pushed along just barely existing or wishing for everyone else not to exist. At the very least, I’m sure she understands by now that she is expendable in their eyes and must be fully present when dealing with them. However, I hope she can make the most out of it.

I’m interested in Shibazaki’s past, but right now, he’s just eye candy. 

I also like the look of the show, especially the lighting.

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