Barakamon S01 E03

This episode was better than the last one. I have to wonder how lonely his life was before he flipped out. He doesn’t know how to handle failure. Additionally, his scope of failure is excessively broad. I know there is only one “first place,” but he was devastated by the loss. He doesn’t understand that there can be more to life than dedicating yourself to a single purpose. He probably thought he was fulfilled, but he’ll spend the rest of the series understanding why he wasn’t. His reality has yet to sync with those around him, and at this rate, it will be a while yet.

The fujoshi interlude made me smile. Tama needs to understand that she has no choice but to give up and give in.

I love the various art styles. And all though I loved the way the faces of the kids in Kyou no Go no Ni changed, it was just creepy on Naru.

I’m not yet ready to drop the series, so I guess I’ll take it an episode at a time. 

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