Barakamon S01 E02

The future doesn’t look good for this show. I was just annoyed for the first 10 minutes, mostly because of the middle school girls. I just can’t deal with people invading other people’s space, completely dismissing their requests to be left alone. It’s very rare that I find those moments entertaining.

It’s not like they’re setting up for punchlines at every turn or that there are gags or it’s campy, but it’s a little too much for me. All the things they want people to laugh at are on my list of things that make me turn the channel. And so far, it’s too predictable.

Even still, it’s visually appealing. I’m going to give it one more go with the third episode. If I don’t feel anything for any of the characters by the end of the third episode, then I’m going to drop it.

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