Haikyuu!! S01 E12-16

I watched 12 through 16 and I remain interested. I’m having a lot of fun with this series. The characters are all so engaging. I think I will pick up the manga.

Episode 16 has a season ending feeling to it, even though it isn’t the end. The losers montage was a nice bit of storytelling.

I love watching Kageyama serve. The way he floats forward is beautiful.

Tsukishima is so antagonistic, but not annoyingly so. And although Yamaguchi just seems to be his sidekick, I think he’s worse than Tsukki because he’s the kind that won’t let things end at just one comment. He likes to egg Tsukki on and then pretending like he’s policing Tsukki by telling him something like he’s gong too far. They’re an interesting pair.

The loved the Karasuno/Nekoma interaction after their practice match. Hinata and Inuoka, Tanaka and Yamamoto, the captains, Suga and Yaku, and then there was the night and day of Noya and Yaku. I like this revived rivalry.

This ending was nice. A smiling Kageyama that doesn’t look scary.

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