Haikyuu!! S01 E01-11

I watched the first eleven episodes of the series. I’m enjoying it. It’s he kind of show I want to watch without commenting on it. Meaning, I’m not really taking notes. I’m just watching it.

Although I’m not really taking notes, I do think about the individual characters a bit.

Hinata is a character that you just have to love. And not just for his unflappable spirit, but also because that determination seems to come from a place of pure love for the game and the joy of playing it.

Tanaka is… I love the way Daichi keeps reigning him in and his pout. And the stripping! I also like how he says whatever’s on his mind. His in-your-face attitude is completely different from arrogance. Even still, he’s a really happy guy. Also, how he is a seasoned and powerful player, but sometimes acts like a freshman, like it’s his first time out or how one minute he’s saying things that Daichi will scold him for, but in the next minutes he’s trying to curb the actions of the freshman to keep them from doing things similar to what he would do. I’m all for Tanaka-senpai!

Kageyama… I’m glad that his tyrannical attitude was thwarted by his own team mates rather than opponents. It’s definitely more humbling.

Asahi… I love how open he was about his fears when Kageyama and Hinata confronted him.

As I said, I’m enjoying it and only time will tell if I pick up the manga, too. But for the time being, the anime series will suffice.

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