Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book Two – Earth [S2]

I want to continue on to season 3, but I hear that bathing and sleeping are important. This weekend wasn’t long enough. But here are some thoughts.

  • I couldn’t get enough of the nomads. Singing and dancing rave hippies.
  • I was wondering how Sokka shaved his head, then they showed him shaving his mustache.
  • Before I knew it was lightening, I thought that, though Princess Azula’s electricity is cool, as elements go, I thought it would make more sense for it to be a facet of waterbending–hydroelectricity and all.
  • I don’t understand Katara thinking it was her mother. She’s dead. But I keep forgetting that when people are tired and weary, the mind can play tricks on you, and I suppose it goes double when they enter a swamp that does that kind of thing to you.
  • Sokka’s type of character, ever the pessimist gets old real fast. With all the things he’s seen, he still has no imagination to believe. I suppose he represents atheism in away–understanding logic and reason over things that require faith (blind or otherwise).
  • Rough (Ruff) Ryders…. HAHAHAHA!
  • Regarding my comment about the canyon earthbender from Book One… I get that in martial arts, stance is important and it’s not just about how far apart your feet are, so having his arms out of commision would definitely hinder him, but I still think that there’s an earthbender who can do it.
  • I knew it was the Fire Nation trio as soon as they said 3 warriors and Sokka didn’t go see them. So what happened to the real Kyoshi warriors? Did they die? Poor Sokka.
  • Katara laughing during the general’s meeting… usually she has more composure, but I think her subconscious was channeling her brother whom she probably misses. They’ve never been apart for that long.
  • I was wondering who would master metal–I knew it had to happen considering the Fire Nations penchant for using it. When Toph, who’s a pretty awesome character, got locked in the box I figured she would be the one.
  • My favorite scenes will always be those in which same-element benders are bending in concert with each other or when characters combine the bending of different elements to achieve a common goal. It’s actually beautiful.
  • Of course I’ll wait and see, but is he really the last Airbender? And are they going to address the mixing of tribal blood?
  • Are we going to get a real answer to why Avatar Roku disappeared?

I like the mix of primitive, ancient, modern, and civil atmospheres They’re effortlessly blended. There’s so much going on in this series. I didn’t think it would make me think so much. Some of the Aang gang’s actions frustrate me, but I have to remember that they’re just kids. No matter how mature they can be at times, they’re still children. It’s a little late to say it now, but I usually steer clear of shows where kids are performing amazing feats, though there are some exceptions.

This season was much more emotional. I love when I finally see the source of the stills, gifs, cosplay, quotes, and jokes that cross my dash. Iroh might be my favorite character.

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