Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book One – Water [S1]

So I finally started watching this show. I’m slow on everything, so no surprise there; zeusaurus will be happy to know that I’m enjoying it so far.

Here are some of my thoughts while watching and after completing the first season.

  • I don’t like how Sokka dismisses bending and doesn’t support his sister’s desire to learn. Even if he doesn’t believe in it, he should at least believe in her passion. He comes around after bending saves his hide a few times, but never apologizes for his previous behavior.
  • I don’t like how Katara couldn’t tell the difference between her brother’s usual jealousy and sarcasm to cover it up and when he is serious. As particularly seen in the episode “Jet.”
  • When they were in the canyon, the earthbender said that without his arms he’s useless, but in the opening the earthbender doesn’t use his hands at all, just his feet. So it’s either a continuity issue or he’s not very skilled.
  • I thought it was strange that Katara didn’t practice bending more or make an effort to help out in situations where water was present.
  • I like how Aang and Katara worked together using both of their skills.
  • I don’t understand why the whole scroll argument happened. They could have weighted it with a rock and both practiced.
  • The fire nation’s artillery is cool, especially their tanks.
  • How did Kitara suddenly become awesome at bending in ep 18 before the training?
  • Aang reminds me of Naruto, not excessively so, but nonetheless.
  • I love the color/light/dark play in ep 20.

There are other things in the story that I’m intrigued by such as the social narrative, but I’ll get into those some other day. I’m enjoying it and I’m going to keep watching.

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