Terashima: To Sow a Seed

Minami, a salesman, falls in love with Kitagami, a dentist, and is persistent in his non-aggressive pursuit. I was slightly annoyed at his tenacity, but since he was rather pleasant about it AND (this is the important part) AND was called out on how being the nice guy is a load of arrogant BS, I didn’t mind it so much. It took some time to reach the latter, but once I got there it didn’t seem unnecessarily long. Then, at the end, once they got together, it got really interesting. Their conversation about having sex and who was doing who was not much like anything I can remember reading, but in the end, Minami still viewed Kitagami like he would a girl. The story ended without them actually settling anything, so that kind of saved it from being a complete waste. I don’t think Terashima would have concluded the disagreement in a way that would have satisfied me.

The bust illustrations are a bit deceptive. Terashima’s lower-body skill isn’t quite on par with that of the upper-body’s, but there weren’t too many full-body standing illustrations, so it didn’t throw anything off.

All in all, it was fun and annoying. There’s a lot of dialogue, so the story seemed longer than it actually was. The characters were individually engaging and their interactions with each other were what gave the story life. I guess I wouldn’t mind trying out another story by Terashima.

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