This film is great. It is one of my favorites. It may even be my favorite Hitchcock film. It gets extra points for the title sequence being designed by one of my favorite designers, Saul Bass*. Cary Grant’s delivery was flawless and Eva Marie Saint did well at playing damsel moving in and out of distress. I realized that I really loved this when one day my mother was visiting and she woke up before me and decided to watch it. I woke up to the muffled dialogue and some sound effects on the other side of my closed door that’s at the opposite end of the hall from my living room and I knew exactly which part she was watching. 

*For the Tumblr-ers who don’t know who Saul Bass is, you have at least encountered his influence. Everyone has seen this theme. It’s called Vertigo and is named after a film that he also did the posters and title sequence for. Even though it’s named that, the design draws mostly from Bass’ work on Man with the Golden Arm, a gritty film starring Frank Sinatra and directed by Otto Preminger. Goodness all around.

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