Kari Sumako: The Cat in the Box

The description put me off for a bit. I like Kari, but it was reading like pedophilia/shota and I just couldn’t. I realized that it couldn’t be because DMG wouldn’t have licensed it, but I was still concerned. Fortunately someone submitted a review on eManga explicitly stating that it was not shota, thus allaying my fears. I’m so glad they did, because I loved this. There were moments when I was still unsure about the subject matter, but I was curious to see how this would develop to the contrary. I’m glad I kept going. I went through a range of emotions with this story and I enjoyed myself the whole way through. However, I do have one gripe, and it’s a typical Kari move, but she jumped in time on a few things; some were small leaps, while others were huge bounds. It would have been great if she was able illustrate what happened during those moments in between.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually laughed to the point that I was hitting a surface–some people slap their knees, for me it was the bed. I was also rolling around on the bed and burying my face in the pillow because I just could not take some of the hilarious things that were happening. Kari’s characters spend a lot of time talking to themselves and it’s in those moments where you get to see a little or a lot of yourself and you can’t help, but laugh.

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