Takumi You: Miteran Nee Yo

The first story about two rivals hooking up was OK, but the second story, which was about a sempai pursuing his kouhai and the kouhai pursing his sempai, but just not in the same way, was just enh. I liked the third story to an extent, but I think it ended too soon. Stories 1 and 2 feature one character speaking in such a way as to convince the other character that their feelings are mutual even though the other character won’t admit it/hasn’t come to terms with it. I don’t like pushy characters who put thoughts in other characters’ heads or words in their mouths. Sometimes I can ignore it, but I guess the combination of there being more than one story like that in this volume and that the stories were only OK makes it difficult to let it pass. The third story isn’t much better because the older guy coerces the younger guy and basically buys him by paying off his debts. But even though I’m annoyed, I still think it ended too soon. I think the thing I liked most about this is what I seem to like most about the majority of titles I’ve read by Takumi: her characters (usually uke) don’t always react in the stereotypical way. For instance, some of them do not continue to play hard-to-get after they’ve realized their feelings and some–once they’ve realized their feelings–even go further sometimes and become proactive about participating in the relationship. That’s always nice to see.

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