Fujikawa Ruri: Kuroneko wa Shippo de Amaeru

The main story was OK and Sakaguchi-san was quite handsome. I like the layout of the panels; it was done in such a way that you were able to appreciate the artwork more than usual. The one thing I didn’t like about this volume was the anthropomorphism of the alcoholic beverages in chapter 5. The idea in and of itself is fine, funny, even, and it’s already being done well by Natsumizu Ritsu. She has an ongoing story–more like a series of vignettes–featuring snacks personified. Hers is cute and it’s completely tongue-in-cheek. Having read those, when I compare the relationship between Sparkling Wine and Beer to the relationships between Natsumizu’s characters in her snack kingdom, the beverages’ fall flat.

Well, there are some cute parts that I like to revisit now and again, so it wasn’t a total waste.

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