Revenge S01E01-03

It’s involuntary. This rocking back and forth in my seat. I always notice it right before the embarrassing moment. More than the music or the dialogue, this habit is my very own warning sign that embarrassment is just around the corner. This never happens in the theater, only when I’m watching TV. The last rock forward is always accompanied by the pressing of PAUSE and rolls nicely into me standing to pace until the anxiety lessens enough for me to face what comes next. This is me during Revenge, episode #3.

The nostalgia of the this coping mechanism is comforting. Embarrassing moments on the screen are just like pills were for me when I was younger: hard to swallow. I get antsy and fidgety and sometimes, a little spastic.

But this time it didn’t happen, not really. I was so sure the video was going to pop up on some screen for all to see. Perhaps my mechanism is a little rusty.

Before I started watching the show I saw a three second clip of something and immediately recognized Emily VanCamp. I liked her in on Everwood. Treat Williams and Tom Amandes, yeah, I liked that show. Before I started watching, I also learned that it was loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo–one of my favorites.

I’m enjoying watching her take these people down one by one. Jack is handsome and I think I have a crush on Nolan. I’m only at episode #3 and I’m already sad about Jack being a murderer, or is he?

So, it seems that the show starts after she’s laid the groundwork for her master plan. Seeing how she’s slipped herself into all the right places during her journey to the Hamptons is intriguing.

For the most part, Victoria’s gotcha moments have been dodged, but what about the 2-year absence? I’m guessing that’s when she was in the correctional facility. How will that work out? What I also want to know is if she’s planned all of these “coincidences” or were some just her taking advantage of the moment. I suppose I’m specifically referring to the Michael Davis connection. Did Emily know that Victoria would try to connect these specific dots and wanted to use the plus one moment to throw her off the trail a bit or was that pure coincidence?

I think this show is a keeper. My boss will be happy.

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