Once Upon a Time S01E13-22

As the series continues my ability to articulate the awesomeness that it is rapidly decreases. I am no longer just watching it. The story is being told inside my head; the characters are running free across the plains of my imagination. I have loved every minute of this show.

I have been disappointed by ABC twice. I hope this will not bring about a third time. First with a very short-lived show called The Days, which no one seems to remember and the second time with Pushing Daisies. Both shows brought me back to ABC after many years away and both were canceled. I’m hoping Once Upon a Time finishes strong and ends naturally in no more than two or three seasons.

Here’s what I could manage:

  • Good old misdirection – Peter, the Wolf and Red
  • I think it’s hilarious that no one ever gets around to eating the Mayor’s apples. They’re offered, fondled, and brought close to the lips, but no one ever takes a bite.
  • I’m enjoying the David vs. James narrative. James is noble, strong and honors his heart. David is indecisive, weak, and follows his heart and since he has the heart of a coward, things don’t always quite work out for him. Mary Margaret and Snow are playing the same game.
  • How the Mad Hatter went mad. Perfect.
  • Robert Carlyle is awesome. Rumpelstiltskin  The Dark One, and Mr. Gold. Truly, truly awesome.
  • Lots of manly tears and capable, resourceful, and brave women.
  • I like that the women of Fairy Tale land do not have perfect hair . Attractive styles, but the hair has not been tamed so that no strand is out of place–considering the setting, it’s appropriate.

I’ve already started Season 2, but I don’t foresee a continuation of the commentary. I think I’m too into it. However, now that I’ve caught up with the show, if I’m only focusing on one episode at a time, I might be able to manage a few cohesive thoughts. We’ll see.

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