Sketched: David Krause

of Guilt | Pleasure’s New York Minute et al.

cropped--gp-nym-dk-01aThanx for joining me in the third installment of The Road to Yaoi-Con series. This week I want to take a quick look at a man named David Krause. David is one of the two leads in Guilt | Pleasure’s In These Words prequel, New York Minute.

Since his character is still developing, this will be one of the quickies that I promised in Week 0 of this series. Let me start by saying, that I don’t usually identify with the uke; I’m an onlooker, a passer-by, a spectator, a voyeur. However, Dr. Katsuya Asano is a mirror of several aspects of my personality–some openly admitted, others boxed up under lock & key. And his relationship with David interests me greatly. I hope that gives you at least a hint of an idea of how I read or read into David.

Look. David is handsome. As far as builds go, his type is 2nd on my list. His stance is one of strength, conviction, and passion. The look in his eyes conveys his gift of discernment, his position of authority, and a healthy amount of pluck. There’s an image of him perched relaxed on a 2-drawer file cabinet with arms folded, talking with the new guy. He’s interested and engaging. That’s attractive.

Listen. Be it banter or conflict, he’s quick with comeback and clever, too. Only forceful when it needs to be, his vernacular and articulation reflects the look in his eyes. He listens and observes and is very perceptive.

Watch. David is equipped with the wherewithal to properly determine when words aren’t enough and during these moments exhibits his tendency to touch. If his ire stands before him, it may be with a fist, but he is also capable of projecting his consciousness to such a point that even without approach or contact his opponent will back down. Congratulations and ‘at-a-boys are bestowed with an open palm. Desire is conveyed when he takes a step on intuition, closes in on something close to fortune, and with lips, fingertips and cupped palms, briefly connects. He then pulls back to survey and detecting a bit of awe, but no displeasure, he abridges the distance, connecting again; this time, fully committing. This is merely a kiss. I imagine more being so much more. He is a patient, giving, and genuine partner; indulgent at times, leading at times, commanding at times, but at all times expressive. I believe this easily translates to being the perfect lover.


Consider. I got the impression that David was rather keen on how he presented himself. I felt that he was particular about his attire with an even more pronounced affinity for shoes. A man who likes shoes. This, above all other things I could be concerned about, bothered me to the point that I was compelled to ask G | P about it. I was so glad that they obliged me with a response. A bit obsessive, I know.

This is just the tip of the Krause-berg. As New York Minute progresses and we get to see more of David and David & Katsuya, my abstractions will progress as well.

If you haven’t read Guilt | Pleasure’s New York Minute or In These Words, please do not delay any longer; it will be worth whatever efforts you make–even if that means trekking to Yaoi-Con. And if that does mean trekking to Yaoi-Con, give my regards to Jo Chen, because she’ll be there.

EXTRA: Here’s what I’ve determined to be a loose chronology of New York Minute so far (feel free to correct me) :

  1. NYM Novel/Prose (at the end of doujinshi)
  2. NYM Comic (at beginning of doujinshi) – Christmas Eve + 22 hours
  3. Novel version of comic (pt 1)
  4. Novel version of comic (pt 2)
  5. New Year’s
  6. Our day begins when yours end…: Happy Birthday Katsuya
  7. Happy Birthday Katsuya cont’d
  8. Weather Report

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Notes: Now that I read this it just seems so pretentious, well, that can probably said about a lot of the things I write. Also, I did not update the list and there have been a few more short pieces since I compiled it, but you can view the most recent reading chronology for their published ITW works here.

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