Kagurazaka Hanko: Mourning Dinner Party

I bought this and one of Kagurazaka’s other titles just because I liked the way the words in each title sounded together. If they’re literal translations, then awesome, but if it’s the creation of the licensing publisher, then that’s even more awesome (the made up titles are usually awful). Even though I loved the titles, I didn’t realize that they were by the same person until the first time I told someone how much I loved them.

There was a definite sense of mourning throughout this story; like everyday was a gray-sky day. As the story went on I found myself questioning the words and motives of everyone. It wasn’t edge-of-your-seat suspense, but I was intrigued by the mysteries floating about.

Most BL boils down to two people who are going to end up together and there may be some chasing and crying and sex in between, but that’s really it. We leave it up to the mangaka to put their spin on the formula and even with some really good storytellers, there may be no surprises. I was happy to see just a few unexpected moments in Mourning. It was a good read.

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