Monden Akiko--Man of 1 Yen [4.8]

Monden Akiko: Man of 1 Yen

Monden Akiko--Man of 1 Yen [4.8]Monden Akiko’s Man of 1 Yen was a fantastic read. With themes of compensation and reciprocation running through the 3 stories, there were plenty of chances for give and take. The semes were right up my alley (or so I wished). Sanjou, he’s such a protector; if only Masaki would relax a little, but his tendency for histrionics was rather endearing. I really wanted to hug Masaki and let him know that it was going to be alright. Fortunately for him, Sanjou was already on it. Then there was Kanji, the straightforward yet devious megane. Ume has it so good! I really like a man that can put you in your place and not make you want to gouge his eyes out once you realize what he’s done. I could really see Kanji patting Ume and saying, “don’t worry your pretty little head.” Lastly, there’s Kijima… who wouldn’t want to be ravished by him? Extra points for the katana and the sideburns! Poor Bon, yearning all these years. It’s like you knew, but you didn’t know. I think these two had the sweetest story.

Monden Akiko’s art has made it to my Drinkable Art list. Not only were the semes gorgeous, but the ukes were appealing as well. The facial expressions were on point and didn’t go over the top and the panels where the characters were embracing, reclining or just sitting at the bar were well proportioned and in proper perspective. The character interactions were entertaining and charming and the story lines were engaging and made me want to read more. She’s good at writing multifaceted characters. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait for Limiter, another yaoi title by Sensei, to be worked or licensed to get another taste. It’s a story about police detectives and revenge, but it includes some Man of 1 Yen extras. She’s more well-known for her josei titles and now that I have reconfirmed that I enjoy her writing style and humor, I’ll probably look into those as well.

All in all, I had a great deal of fun watching these couples trying to break even and I think you will too.

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