Masao Sangatsu: Soredemo Kamawanai

Masao Sangatsu--Soredemo Kamawanai [4.3]

Masao never fails to deliver the megane and the laughs! Poor Megane-mine, right from the door, it didn’t look good for him. But I have to say, Masao does wonders with the socially awkward types. She manages to keep them interesting and doesn’t take it so far that the character becomes too far-fetched or annoying. This was such a fun and sweet story and even though Masao kind of has a story recipe, she continues to mix up the ingredients in such a way that it tastes different each time. I thought it was cute that the story ended with illustrations similar to what can be seen at the end of Ashita mo Tanin considering that the stories were similar.

I liked this immediately and originally scored this at about [4.3]. I assumed I would because I like Masao a lot, but I did not realize exactly how much I liked it until I noticed that I reread the story everyday, at least twice each day, for almost a week. I only stopped reading it because my NightS by Yoneda Kou arrived in the mail.

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