Kay Simone--The Aftermath

Kay Simone: The Aftermath

This is quite possibly one of the best stories I’ve ever read. A story about two people who really shouldn’t be together. A story about two people who have traveled different paths, yet ended up at the same place. One’s path a little more rugged, a little more painful, a little more devastating. The the […]

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Jerry Cole--More Than Friends - Book 1 - The Complete First Story

Jerry Cole: More Than Friends – The Complete First Story

It’s really not the men on the covers that catch my eye–overly defined muscles gross me out sometimes…most times–it’s the composition and the atmosphere. For book 1, I liked the lighting and the fact that the cover reminded me of a character poster for an ensemble superhero flick. If I take special note of the typography, […]

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J J Harper--Reunion - Book 1

JJ Harper: Reunion Series

I tried this series because I was in the mood for a series and I was hoping for a light read, but what I got was a halfway decent plot executed poorly. Reunion When Ryan and Nico were in high school, Nico disappeared. With their 10-year high school reunion coming up, they both plan to see if there’s […]

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Megan Erikson & Santino Hassell--Cyberlove Book 2 - Fast Connection

Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell: Fast Connection

Fast Connection is the second installment in Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell’s Cyberlove series. Theme aside, this book connects with the first, Strong Signal, by way of Dominic Costigan, Garrett Reid’s “tour homo”. Dominic is all for exploring his newly realized bisexuality, so he turns to Grindr and with a quick and dirty tutorial from […]

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Kay Simone--One Giant Leap

Kay Simone: One Giant Leap

I never really thought that I would be all about a story about NASA. Not that I’m not interested, it’s just not the first thing that comes to mind when I want to read about a relationship. But when I think about the premise of this, which is someone from Mission Control falling mutually, secretly […]

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Megan Erickson--Trust the Focus (In Focus Series)

Megan Erickson: Trust the Focus

Justin’s late father was a photographer and his mother is a mayor, conservative, with further political aspirations. He graduated from university with a degree that he didn’t want and now for the summer he’s going on a road trip, against his mother’s wishes, following some of his father’s journeys across the U.S., and he’s taking […]

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Jay Northcote--Practice Makes Perfect

Jay Northcote: Practice Makes Perfect

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the fake it ’till you make it or pretend lovers trope. I don’t dislike it, but I’ve never sought out any stories and, at the moment, I can’t seem to recall any particular stories that I’ve read and or liked. While the leads of Practice Makes Perfect, […]

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Dillon Hunter--Spotlight

Dillon Hunter: Spotlight

Fan meets his Idol and they fall in love. Asher Cain is famous and Micah Hart is not–not yet, anyway. As the reigning king of rom-coms, Asher has an image to uphold and his agent will probably suffer a coronary making sure he does. At an industry party, Asher is going through the motions, bored […]

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Ashely John--Timing

Ashley John: Timing

Timing is about Tom and Cole, both men are trying to steer their lives in the direction of their dreams, but things like the absence or presence of money, fear, and opportunity seem to keep taking the wheel. Cole is farm grown and wants to stay that way, but the family farm is in the red, […]

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Roxas James--Unexpected

Roxas James: Unexpected

I liked this book a lot, some things made me a little uncomfortable, but I liked it a lot because Tyler, the main character, his inner monologue was so real. It was not PC–he wasn’t particularly rude or grossly offensive, but his thoughts are what people think, unfiltered. He is not gay, but after a […]

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