Roan Parrish--In the Middle of Somewhere

Roan Parrish: In the Middle of Somewhere

This story is about a guy, Daniel, from Philadelphia who takes a job as an English Professor in a very rural town in Michigan. On his way to his his motel after the interview for the position, he had an accident that he walked away from, but still needed to find help and ended up […]

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Erli & Kromi--No End

First Impressions: Erli & Kromi’s No End

To start, it began as a storytelling role play and it’s pretty interesting. The Zombie Apocalypse happened. It’s been some years–more than a generation–since and humans have left the urban areas to the zombies and have established walled militarized zones in the more rural areas. In addition to the zones, there are outposts and such where […]

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Blayre Delecour--Argentine Winter

Blayre Delecour: Argentine Winter

As with the first book in this series, Fellfire Summer, the romance takes a backseat to the mission and adventure the leads undertake. This time around we get to see Lir of Bantam–the close friend and occasional bed mate of Everet of Eizenthley from the first story–and Finnian of Layton–an argentsmith and, as far as […]

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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words BCPT2-01

New Arrivals: Bad Company Part: 2

This came so quickly! It usually takes at least four days, but it only took two! So, the cover is not only glossy, but the title and the black panel on the back has a rough texture. It feels so good. And it’s such a nice touch, especially since the story’s gettin’ real gritty. When […]

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Kurosawa Shii: Ani to wa Koinaka Nandesu ga

Caught My Eye: Kurosawa Shii

This caught my eye because it looked like an older Abe Akane cover, but not one I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of her covers. The taller guy, in particular. His stance–that slight shift of the center of gravity, hand in the in the pocket, the outfit, his hair, the hand […]

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Various--The Lovely Osmanthus and Other Stories-01

New Arrivals: The Lovely Osmanthus and Other Stories

From the book: This anthology is based in Southeast Asia. A little corner of the world most made of former colonies and fishing-villages-turned-cities, a rich history mostly overshadowed by East Asia. In this book, we encouraged female-led narratives, hoping to tell the tale of these cultures through the eyes of their daughters. Coaxing half-remembered childhod [sic] […]

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Lina Ngo--Pigeon - A Whispering World-01

New Arrivals: Pigeon – A Whispering World

Lina Ngo–spicybara, an artist on Tumblr who has done a lot of fanart that I like, particularly KHR and Haikyuu!!–released this original comic. Pre-orders went up towards the end of April. It looked so cute, I just had to get it. It’s even prettier in up close. Even though I generally associate spicybara with BL, […]

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Megan Erikson & Santino Hassell--Strong Signal

Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell: Strong Signal

This book was an absolute pleasure to read. Having read–and in some cases, reread–just about everything by Santino Hassell (remaining reviews of which I hope to find the motivation for soon) and enjoying all of it, I was dabbling in some other writers’ offerings, but fiendin’ for something new by Hassell all the while. I […]

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Santino Hassell--First and First

Xchg: Santino Hassell’s First and First

My friend, Requierobl–who I think is the person who put Santino Hassell on my radar in the first place–has been gracious enough to allow me to publish our conversation about the third book in Hassell’s Five Boroughs series. This took place over the course of a few days on Tumblr; it starts with me picking up […]

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Santino Hassell--Sunset Park

Santino Hassell: Sunset Park

This is the second book of Santino Hassell’s Five Boroughs series and of the three I’ve read so far, this is by far my favorite. I’ve only read it from cover to cover once, but I have gone back and read the last three chapters a few times and right now I’m skipping through the story […]

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