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[/twocol_one_last]The following is a summary of Overload, the last doujin of what is now effectively Rules Season 1. It chronologically follows Double Trouble and so, is the last story.*

Overload begins with Hikaru talking to the reader/himself:

I had a boyfriend. He was eight years younger than me.
We were together for quite a long time, but things happened. We decided to separate for a while.
I think we are effectively broken up.
Since we were attached at the hip more than two years, I have a lot of free time now that I’m alone.
They say that too much leisure drives people to do stupid things.
I guess it can’t be helped.


Hikaru gets a call from a guy he met the previous week at SPLASH, but he doesn’t really remember who he is. The guy reintroduces himself as Mitsuki and invites Hikaru out for a drink. Hikaru obliges. When he arrives, Mitsuki calls out to him and Hikaru still can’t quite recall. Mitsuki, a dark-haired beauty with a beauty mark under his left eye, lets it slide because Hikaru was drunk that night. He recaps the night and reminds Hikaru that he was blowing off steam because he had just broken up with his boyfriend or girlfriend. Hikaru confirms that is was a boyfriend. They make further introductions and Hikaru makes it clear to the guy that he has no intentions of getting serious. Mitsuki replies that he doesn’t have a problem with that. Hikaru considers how he looks like Yuki.

Hikaru’s phone rings and he sees that he’s missed a call from Yuki. Mutsuki guesses that it was his ex and asks if he’s not going to call him back, to which Hikaru returns that it’s none of his business. Mutsuki invites Hikaru back to his place and, once again, he obliges.

They’re getting into it and Hikaru feels the need to clarify that he’s an absolute top. Mutsuki, as a way of persuasion, mentions that he was planning on assuming that role. When Hikaru doesn’t respond, to recover, Mutsuki tells him that he can go either way.


Hikaru acknowledges:

I’m always doing stupid stuff like this.

While Mutsuki is fellating Hikaru, Hikaru asks if this is the kind of thing that he does all the time. Mutsuki is surprised at the question and says that it’s an occasional thing. He also asks, rhetorically, if it isn’t something that everyone does and then asks why Hikaru is worried about it. He assures Hikaru that he’s disease-free and that he’s not a stalker.

Mutski pulls out a condom and asks Hikaru if he can ride him.

Although Mutski is enjoying it, Hikaru’s thoughts continue:

I know that the soul and the body are separate.
Why did we drift apart, Yuki?

Post-coitus, Mutsuki informs Hikaru that his his phone had been ringing for a while. Hikaru doesn’t seem interested. Then the sound of a door is heard and Hikaru panics and scrambles for his clothing. Mutsuki tells him that it’s just a roommate. The door to Mutsuki’s bedroom opens and a young guy with light, short hair appears and embarrassed at seeing a half-dressed Hikaru, he asks if he was intruding. Mutsuki replies in the negative and states that they’re done, but adds an offer to join them, to which Hikaru objects. At the offer the roommate takes a step in and wants to know if he really can. Once again, Hikaru objects and Mutsuki laughs off his invitation as a joke.

The roommate leaves and grudgingly pulls the door closed behind him. After such a display, Hikaru questions the “roommate” status. Mutsuki tells him that he’s actually his younger step-brother, but he’s not sure if he’s gay or bi. Mutsuki suggests Hikaru stay over, but he declines, stating an early start as the reason. As Hikaru is exiting, Mutsuki asks for a kiss. Though he looked slightly annoyed, Hikaru obliges. Just before they finish, the step-brother comes out of his room and witnesses the exchange. Hikaru notices the troubled look on his face and maintains eye contact as he teasingly kisses Mutsuki on the cheek. The step-brother blushes and Hikaru laughs. Mutsuki questions the outburst, but Hikaru denies that there was anything. As a final adieu, Hikaru tells Mutsuki to pass along a greeting to his brother. Although he’s confused, he agrees to.

As Hikaru walks off into the night, he decides to return Yuki’s call. A blushing Yuki responds in the affirmative to Hikaru’s invitation to talk. There’s a quick flash to the brothers. Hikaru invites Yuki out to dinner and he accepts. Hikaru gets another call and swaps the lines to find that it’s Mutsuki wanting him to come back and settle an argument between he and his brother.


The end. There is a 4-koma included. MK ran out of time for the translation. The summary below is courtesy of the MK LJ comm:

“The first one is Hikary [sic] stresing [sic] about whether sleeping with Mitsuki could be considered cheating on Yuki, in the whole Ross-Rachel thing in Friends of “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”. The second one is Mitsuki wanting to “go steady” with Hikaru and Hikaru being veeeery dubious about it.”


It’s Atori and Tooru, but I don’t think they look anything like themselves.


*In Double Trouble, Yuki says that Hikaru is 29, but in Overload, Hikaru tells Mutsuki that he’s 28. I don’t know where the error lies, but they had already been together for two years in Double Trouble, so I’m sure that the chronology is correct. 

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