Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban: Snowed In

Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban--Snowed InDon’t know how I stumbled onto another three-way so quickly, but here I am. Also, this cover.

Mitch (cover boy), Warren, and Kasey are best friends and they’re holed up in a cabin while on vacation. Kasey is tapping away on his laptop when Warren tells him that he needs to chill with the work because they’re on vacation. Mitch joins them and they get into what Kasey is actually doing: writing a gay sex scene. Mitch is bi and it only piques his interest because Kasey writes M/F, not M/M. Warren is straight and it freaks him out a little. Mitch reads over Kasey’s shoulder and tells him that it wouldn’t go the way he’s written it between a bi guy and his chronically hetero best friend. They talk about it some and Warren’s still freaking out, quietly, so they switch gears and play poker.

After poker, they play Truth or Dare, the adult version, to help Kasey with his “research”. And I’m sure you can guess where that led.

I have to say, it was a pretty nice development from one bi guy and his two straight friends to where they ended up. It was short, so not a lot of time for character exploration, but since the goal was to get a three-way going, it succeeded. And although it had the gooey edge of cheesy porn, it wasn’t that bad and managed to get better as it progressed.

I think this is the only non-Urban & Roux Madeleine Urban story I’ll read, the others lack appeal.

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