Rachel Lou: The Bridge

Rachel Lou--The BridgeThe story was interesting but I didn’t like Everett. He was the main character, but I didn’t like him. He was self-serving and he unnecessarily put people in danger because he was curious.

The bridge is a story about a boy witch who finds out that he’s a Bridge Master, which means that he not only can create a bridge to escort ghosts over to the other side into their afterlife, but he can also cross over into it and back. Around this discovery, he meets Bryce, an instructor at tae kwon do dojang. Some of the things he sees around the dojang makes him think that there’s something up with Bryce or someone else who frequents the place. Bryce turns out to be a paranormal–a non-human and a non-witch–so Everett investigates, putting himself in danger, often. In the middle of all of that he learns of connections between himself and Bryce and other people in the story, but he keeps a lot of these finds to himself. A lot of secrets. He keeps lying to his grandfather, trying to deal with all of this stuff on his own. Again, constantly putting himself in danger, and not just physical danger, but also the danger of being cast into servitude which is one possible consequence of going against the Order’s rules. And putting other people in danger because they’re in the dark about what he’s doing. Moreover, not only is what he’s doing dangerous, but he isn’t even sure, not 100%, that going along with this task that he’s found himself in the middle of is, one, even possible, and two, what the people he’s working with are really up to.

So, while the story was pretty good, I’m just disappointed that I spent most of the time wanting to slap Everett up side his head.

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