First Impressions: Meromaru’s Hey Sister!

Ren, a first-year transfer student at an all-boys school, figures smoking on the rooftop is a good idea. Only thing is, anyone wishing to hang out on the rooftop has to beat the toughest guy in their year before they can, so says the first guy who punches Ren in the face. Ren’s not too smart and, after finding out who the toughest first year is, decides to confront him. It didn’t work out so well for Ren.

Ren’s brother shun suggests taking up basketball again to get back in shape. While trying to figure out if the basketball team is worth it, Ren starts to learn about the weird ways of Kisaragi High and eventually gets taken under the wing of an unlikely group. One of them feels sorry for Ren and sets up a training plan so that Ren can have another go at Nagashima, the toughest first year.

So far, there are five complete chapters and a sixth in progress. This comic is hard to talk about without giving things away, so I won’t say much more. I think the story and characters are pretty interesting so far. Meromaru is pacing it well, revealing certain things without fanfare, but those things are things that raise eyebrows and questions. They are questions I’m sure the story will get around to answering at some point because, I suppose, they have quite a bit to do with why Ren is a transfer student in the first place.

Consider this a nudge for you to check it out. And even if my recap doesn’t grab you, at least check it out for the art, it’s gorgeous!

Also, you can follow Meromaru @jessicamars and the comic sketch blog @heysistercomic

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