First Impressions: Robotsharks’ Sharp Zero

{robotsharks} Sharp Zero

An array of secret, gender, sexual, and ethnic identities come together to… well, I don’t know quite yet, but they’re cute, smart, funny, hot, engaging, and pretty awesome while they’re doing it.

In a world where supers are the norm, shortybop in the front there–uh, his name is actually Elliot, but I can’t resist calling him that–has knack for screwing up and that lands him a whole other dimension of ish. You may be expecting me to say something like, “along the way he meets…”, but the truth is, he’s kind of the last one to the party–a party practically full of people he already knows. Saying anymore will take the fun out of this so far, so awesome story, so I’ll stop here and hope that you’ll give it a chance. 100 pages and running.

You can read it on Tapastic or follow it on Tumblr @sharpzero.

P.S. So far, Madz–the one in the middle–is my favorite character.

EDIT: I’m adding religious, lingual, and cognitive identities, as well.

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