Shelved: October 2015

{Ngozi Ukazu} Check, Please! Year One_Page_1_Image_0001Ngozi Ukazu: Check Please! Year One – I got the PDF. Reading Year One all at once was even more fun than when I binged on it when I first discovered it. EDIT: The print has finally arrived!


{Kuku Hayate} Sword and Mist V02Kuku Hayate: Sword and Mist V02 – I was so happy to get this! While the mood, for the most part, is a bit lighter than the first volume, there’s still that chemistry between them. It was a good read. Though, this volume made specific mention of Zhen as Sword which would leave me to believe Wu is Mist, so I’d like to know if that got lost in translation in the first volume and if the hanzi for their names can be read as sword and mist?


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Aomiya Kara: Okosama Star – Very cute. I liked Honda’s friends and I wish they could have gotten their own story.

Harada: Yatamomo – The first pages had me thinking it was trash (even though I read Khursten’s review of it), but then…it just got really intimate and heartbreaking. Yata picks up Momo, a stray, and kind of gets swindled into taking care of him. Momo is a handful, but somehow, Yata falls for him. And it’s good (?) between them until Momo’s ex, Suda, turns up. At first Momo seems like a caricature of a sex-crazed kid, but when you get to know him, you wonder how he didn’t turn out worse. Yata seems like a pushover, but he was actually pretty steadfast. And he was brave to unconditionally love someone whose personality and habits brooked no confidence in peace of mind or fidelity. And Suda, he was a piece of work–cruel and cowardly and insecure and you almost feel sorry for him.

Dayoo: Young Bad Education – I think both of the couples lacked chemistry to a certain degree. In both of the stories you have someone purposely torturing their partner or partner-to-be–one is psychological harassment and the other is sexual deprivation. I preferred the second story with delivery guy, Nakano, and the writer, Yama-san, who kept putting off sex for one reason or another, because while they didn’t really have chemistry to start–Nakano wasn’t Yamasa’s type–they fell into a pattern that could pass for chemistry and would probably grow into it at some point. I can’t see that happening with the first couple; they seem like, no matter what, they’ll continue their unbalanced relationship.

Yukimura: So Cute! – It really was.

Aomoto Sari: Kedamono Kareshi! – I read Kare no Shousou to Koi ni Tsuite v01 up to c04 and stopped because c05 was related to one of the couple in this title. Now that I’ve read this, I don’t even care about c05 because I got nothing out of this. Every single story features someone being forced/coerced into having sex. I’m disappointed because I liked what I’ve read of Kare v01. Hopefully Kare v02 doesn’t go down the same road.

Akira Norikazu: Spicy & Sugary – I liked it; it got a few laughs out of me. I also like how her art has changed. The main story featured the senpai, Nagai, from Beast & Feast.

Nishida Higashi: Kimi ga Boku no Subete V01-V02


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