Shelved: September 2015

{Tatsukawa Kazuto} Scandalous Seiryo University [x]Tatsukawa Kazuto: Scandalous Seiryo University – No. Rather than wanting my 99¢ back, I want my time back.


{Penguin Frontier} F.StudioPenguin Frontier: F.Studio – Even more so than Fakers’ Affair, the art is on point, but the story is not my cup of tea.


SuggestiveScribe: Conquering the Great King [Haikyuu; IwaOi] I like IwaOi, a lot, but I don’t feel compelled to write about them, but man if I don’t love reading about them. I don’t usually go for AUs, but this one had me laughing and shedding a few tears and it was good–just a really good story with a really good ending. I particularly liked Oikawa’s characterization. He can be an awful person and a lot of people like to dismiss that in light of how hard he works–and he does work hard and he’s so dedicated, but that doesn’t absolve him of being cruel and selfish. This story showcased all of his facets and I really appreciated that. [Read]

Seabear: Put a Light On [Haikyuu!!; IwaOi] – The “we’re graduating, but I don’t want to be separated from you” fic might be my favorite premise for IwaOi. I had a lot of fun reading it. [Read]


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Izumi Katsura & Kaneda Shoutarou: Hananusubito – I don’t know why I thought this was my first time reading Izumi Katsura. She wrote The Guilty novel series which I remember being alright, but then again, it’s been so long since I read it that I wonder if the me now would have liked it.

Kanda Neko: Monster Petite Panic – I measure everything by Kokoro and this doesn’t make it.

Ogeretsu Tanaka: Sabita Yoru Demo Koi wa Sasayaku – I want to read the continuation of Kan-chan’s story because I’d like to see if his change is believable or if he remains the same broken person. Though it was never explained why he turned into an abusive person in this story, maybe we’ll get that in Renai Rubi no Tadashii Furikata. But will it make a difference in my perception of him?

Kashima Chiaki: Hana to Usagi – The second story about the Ravel piece was the best one. I’d love to see more of those two. It reminded me of Rin!, but in reverse. I didn’t like the first story that much because I didn’t like the way the one guy just kind of dismissed the other guy’s anxiety and ac. The last story was a “who’s on top” and that’s rarely interesting.

Tagura Tohru: Koimonogatari V01 – This was good and refreshing and moving and grounding and I wrote more about it (like the atmosphere and introspection and Dear Brother), but I lost it somehow and I just can’t deal with that right now. I’m looking forward to the next volume and the wait will be torture.

Sakumoto Ayu: Wakabaryou de, Kimi to – I liked this; even the student x teacher (dorm advisor) story wasn’t that bad. I’d like to read more by Sakumoto.

Ougi Yuzuha: Tokyo Shinjuu V01 – I can do with out her younger characters, but I like her art for the most part, especially the attention she pays to clothing, but this was a stupid story and I’m not going to give the second volume a chance to redeem it.

Kizu Natsuki: Links – I’m a fan of Kizu’s IwaOi–well, it’s her doujinshi that really made me ship them. Tug-o-war, desperation, resignation, insecurity, and love so deep it just makes the ones who feel it angry and hopeless–this is what she imbues her take on their relationship with. It’s really beautiful. Knowing what she can do with IwaOi got my hopes up. I enjoyed this and I can see her hand in it, but I didn’t feel pulled in until c05 or c06 when the stories were really being tied together. The mood is quite somber, but doesn’t quite reach melancholy. When I consider some of the characters’ backstories, it seems like a rather interesting balance to be struck. I’m not disappointed, but I was hoping for a little something more.

Moss & Old Xian: The Specific Heat Capacity of Love – The way the events are relayed gives it the feeling of being in attendance at the first of many memorial services. The first hand heartbreak is dimmed because time has passed, but the pain nearly consumes you nonetheless. As the story unfolds, I felt like I was being lulled into a resigned peace as my heart sank further and further down into the depths of oblivion. It’s the kind of story, that if it had been told as first hand events, it would have reduced me to tears.

Nanoka: Samishigariya no Love Letter – The first story had a The Lakehouse theme and I thought it was very cute. For the second story, I volleyed between being annoyed by Haruto’s obliviousness and welcoming it because it was the catalyst for some god moments with Hina-chan. The last story was cute, but there was an age gap and Iori was only 15.

Abe Miyuki: Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike! V24-V26 – Why?! why did she do that in v25? There was nothing like that in the whole series and she just… The event I’m speaking of (keeping mum for those who haven’t read yet) seemed like an unnecessary 11th hour addition, but it was the chip that started the slight crack in Kiyomine’s armor. He was always distant, even with Takara, though not as much, but seeing him emotionally vulnerable due to something that had nothing to do with Ayako was definitely worth it. It was a step in his maturation and, on the whole, it was a much needed arc. And then, at the very end! Their embrace was everything… I enjoyed this series so much! I wish she would have a mind and the opportunity to do a sequel, even a single volume will do. And lastly, 26 volumes over eight years… just seeing how much her art changed. I was seriously turned off by her big eyes, so much so that it took a very long time before I started reading this, but once I did… I was absolutely hooked and tried to devour just about everything else of hers in the interim. What’s left for me to read is still going, so I’ll wait a bit. There’s also Whiz Kid, but I don’t know if I haven’t read it or just don’t remember doing so.

Kuju Siam: Maigo no Kare to Kuma no Onegai – It wasn’t really my thing, but it was OK, just OK. I’ve been waiting for another story on par with Jigoku Meguri, but it hasn’t come yet.

Noichi Mikuro: Brother Auto Spot – This was a good one. Especially at the end; it was very cute–warm fuzzy cute. And I liked the art a lot.


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