Penguin Frontier: Fakers’ Affair

Fakers' Affair c01-001When I read part 1, I wrote:

The story is lacking. It starts off with a confession, things happen, and then it ends with important things unaddressed. However, even though it’s in color, which I’m not a fan of, the art is great and sex is really hot (context aside).

My opinion of it hasn’t changed, but now reading the story as a whole, I get it, but the story still needs some work. I gave in. I’ve reconciled that with myself, though. As expected, the art is great. I guess you can say the story did turn around, but I think they’re going to have a pretty unhealthy relationship. Yuuya ended up being a pretty interesting character and it was nice to see someone actually carry out their revenge.There were also good bits of humour in the second part that was absent in the first. I think PF just needs an editor. If he can get someone to finesse his dialogue, help with plot transitions, and correct the grammar, he could do some surprising work.

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