{Eric Stephenson & Simon Gane} They're Not Like Us #1

First Impressions: Eric Stephenson & Simon Gane’s They’re Not Like Us #1

{Eric Stephenson & Simon Gane} They're Not Like Us #1

To go from thinking something is wrong with you all of your life to one day finding other people like you, you’d definitely lose it a little more that you thought you already had. But this is not Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. This is a motley crew of folks of questionable morals, or at least that’s how it’s being made to seem.

A young woman who comes to be known as Syd decides that the voices in her head and all the things that comes with them like strained personal relationships and hospital stays are just too much to take. So she decides to shut them up for good. How she survives the fall is still a mystery to me and so is whether or not she really has to kill her parents to move on with her life as she was told to do at the end of this issue.

Wanting to know the answers to those questions is enough to keep me reading. It’s been releasing towards the end of the month since December, so the 4th issue should be out soon. Also, it’s DTO! Like always, I’m going to wait until there is a collected volume, but this is definitely on the list.

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