Ootsuki Miu: Trap

This title had some good things going for it, but I think Ootsuki got lost somewhere along the way. The story seems to have a definitive ending, but while Sensei’s personality and motivations were quite clear, Niina’s remained a mystery. There are moments that lead you to believe there was an intention from the very beginning, but then there are others the blatantly contradict them. Of course there’s the teacher/student relationship that I am already biased against (don’t ask why I keep reading them) that muddles the plot, but I like when smug characters are broken, so it kind of wins in that respect.

Ootsuki has good story days, bad story days, wtf story days, and enh story days. I think this was on it’s way to being a good story day, but she just got turned around and so this is just stuck in a weird limbo.

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