First Impressions: Kishimoto Seishi’s Sukedachi Nine C02

Kishimoto Seishi--Sukedachi Nine-01

I read chapter 2. The Sukedachi Nine is such a motley crew. They all have a back story for why they qualify for this team, so I’m interested in finding out what those stories are. In both c01 and c02, 3 cases so far, the story has focused on No.7, Yamagishi Yuuji. There have been some reveals about his past, but no substantial context to the images. I don’t know if he is set to be the main character or if the story will focus on him until his story is fully revealed and then move on to another agent. I hope neither. Starting out with an ensemble cast makes me hope for an integrated story in which I get to learn about all of them in fairly equal amounts as the overall story progresses.

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